FAQ: How To Remove A Metal P Trap?

How do you remove an old P-trap?

Unscrew the nuts holding a plastic P-trap by hand, gripping the trap firmly with one hand and rotating each nut counterclockwise. You must unscrew two nuts to remove the trap. One holds the trap to the tailpiece, the small length of pipe extending down from the sink, and the other holds the trap to the drain line.

Can you replace a metal P-trap with PVC?

Purchase a PVC P-trap, pipe and fittings to replace the metal ones. PVC drain pipe comes in two different diameters: 1 1/4 inches and 1 1/2 inches. Make sure to buy material that’s the same diameter as the metal pipes you just removed.

How do you remove a glued P-trap?

Mark the PVC pipes attached to each side of the P-trap three inches away from where they join to the trap. Make a straight perpendicular cut through the sewer pipes at both marks, using a hacksaw. Remove the trap. Scrape off all plastic burrs from the cut pipe ends with a utility knife.

Why does my P-trap smell?

A P-trap is the curved portion of pipe under the sink. It’s supposed to create a seal by holding water, which prevents sewer gases from getting into the bathroom. If the P-trap isn’t working properly, sewer gasses can make their way into the bathroom and cause your sink to stink.

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Can I use plastic P-trap to metal?

P-traps can be plastic or metal. It isn’t an issue if the two components are made of dissimilar materials, because the flange that seals the trap opening is always plastic. So don’t be intimidated.

Can I connect plastic P-trap to metal?

You cannot glue PVC to metal and get a good seal. The pipe is probably only a few inches long and threaded into the verticle line at a fitting.

Are P traps glued?

Yes, the p-trap is glued. The slip nut you see on the vertical pipe is simply to lock the drain body (tail). The tail of the drain body is inserted about 3″ into the vertical pipe.

Can you remove glued PVC pipe?

Cutting back the PVC pipe to a new point is actually the best way to separate PVC pipes and remove the glue. Professional plumbers usually will cut away PVC pipe rather than try to separate it. PVC pipe is soft and easy to cut. Use a hacksaw or a PVC pipe cutter to cut off the section you would like to separate.

Why does P-trap leak?

When a P-trap leak occurs, it’s usually because the nuts aren’t tight enough, the pipes are misaligned or a P-trap washer isn’t seated correctly.

What is the difference between a J bend and a P-trap?

The J-bend beneath the sink is also referred to as the P-trap, the U-bend and sometimes even just the drain trap. In some cases, however, hand-tightening may not seat the washer correctly, particularly if your drain pipes are metal, so slip-joint pliers will often come in handy.

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How do you remove cleanout plug?

If the plug breaks loose, you’re home free. Start cleanout plug removal by applying gentle heat to the cleanout plug and fitting to soften the old pipe dope (Photo 1). If that doesn’t work, wait for the pipe to cool, apply rust penetrant, and then apply double hammer blows around the fitting (Photo 2).

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