How To Remove Drawers From Metal Filing Cabinet?

How do you remove drawers from an old metal filing cabinet?

Don’t worry though, we’re here to help.

  1. So, how do you take drawers out of a filing cabinet?
  2. Remove the contents of drawers.
  3. Start top to bottom.
  4. Pull the drawer out as far as you can.
  5. Locate the clip/latch on both sides of the drawer.
  6. Gently remove the drawer and hold on tight.
  7. Push the runners back into the filing cabinet.

How do you take apart a metal filing cabinet?

To remove such a file cabinet drawer, you must open the drawer until its guides are completely extended. Further, you will have to locate a locking lever or clip at the drawer guides. You will have to push the lever in up or down direction, and then pull the drawer out.

How do you remove a steel case drawer?

Press down on the lock catch on each side of drawer and pull out on the drawer as shown. Pull the lateral file drawer out until it stops. Press in on the lock retainer on each side of drawer and at the same time pull up and out on the drawer as shown. Adjust glides until unit is level.

Do all drawers come out of dressers?

Most wood-glide and free-rolling drawers will come straight out with a little bit of force or a tilt at the right angle. For drawers with stopping mechanisms like stabilizer screws or anti-tip cables, you’ll need to remove the screws holding the drawer in place before you can finish pulling it out.

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How do you remove a self closing drawer?

How to Remove Drawers With Self-Closing Glides

  1. Pull the drawer open until the guides are fully extended. Remove any items inside.
  2. Look closely at the drawer guides and locate a locking lever or clip. If they use a clip, remove the clip.
  3. Pull the drawer completely out of the rails.

How do I take apart a file cabinet?

How to Disassemble a Vertical Filing Cabinet

  1. Put on safety glasses.
  2. Remove everything from the drawers.
  3. Remove each drawer, one by one, by pulling the drawer out and detaching it from the slide.
  4. Unscrew the slides attached to the drawers, using a manual or power screwdriver with a Phillips head.

How do you remove a flat drawer?

Gently lift the drawer from the sides in order to pull it above the drawer wheels. When doing this operation, keep your hands below the drawer to support it. Shift the front of the drawer down in order to remove it safely.

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