How To Remove Open Ring Metal Snap?

What is an open ring snap?

MANUAL – Open Ring Snaps & Pliers. The top metal ring of the snaps features an open circle that allows the material to show through the center when the snap is attached to a project. The snaps are size 15, which is 3/8” (10 mm). This set comes with 10 x 15 open ring snaps.

How do you make Kam snaps easier to open?

Snaps are Uneven When installing a snap, hold the pliers so that the bottom rests on a table. Then press the top handle down. Like this. This helps to eliminate side-to-side motion and better ensures a flat press (not to mention it’s easier on your hands and wrist).

Can you reuse snaps?

Do not reuse snap parts as they are damaged; discard and start with new parts. Our Perfect Hammer is ideal for snap removal because of the screwdrivers imbedded in the handle.

How do you use open ring snaps?


  1. Place dies in press.
  2. Place open ring cap on bottom die with teeth facing up.
  3. Place stud (male) in top die with nub facing up.
  4. Center material between snaps.
  5. Flatten with press.
  6. Repeat with open ring cap & socket (female) in top die with the notched center ring facing up.

How do you use a snap prong?

Start by securing the snap cap and socket side. Place the snap cap right side down in the metal cup, and place outer fabric right side down over prongs, taking care that the placement markings are aligning with the snap. Press down to push prongs through the fabric.

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