Often asked: How To Remove Metal Watch Band Without Tool?

What can I use instead of a spring bar tool?

If you don’t have a spring bar tool available and you really need to change a tool you can use a very small knife or a small screwdriver. Every time you do it a watch enthusiast will die a little inside.

Can you change the band on any watch?

If there are no screws and the band is just connected with a spring bar, you can change it in basically the same way as you would a leather or fabric strap. Insert whatever spring bar tool you are using into the point where the band is connected to the lugs, and carefully try to get the spring bar free.

What muscles does a spring bar work?

Squeezing the bar activates one of the primary actions of the pectoralis muscle, the medial rotation of the shoulder muscle. This is the movement that simulates a bird flapping its wings, only you’re working your arms instead. The spring bar squeezes are similar to the action of a pec deck machine or dumbbell flyes.

How do you remove a Rolex bracelet without the tool?

A spring bar tool. Alternatively, if you don’t have a spring bar tool, you can use a pushpin, a paperclip or even a few sturdy wooden toothpicks. Any of these will work. A soft cloth to lay your Rolex on while you’re working on it.

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Can you remove watch links at home?

Method 1: By using a pin pusher Place the watch on the table with the push pins facing up. Insert the pin pusher into the hole and push the pin firmly. Once you’ve pushed the pin enough, it will pop out. Use pliers to remove it together with the link.

Who takes links out of watches?

You can take your watch to any jeweler in your area that can remove links from watch to adjust to your wrist size.

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