Quick Answer: How Do I Remove Metal Top Hats?

How do you remove a top hat from Little Tikes?

Insert a flat-head screwdriver in the notch and pry the end cap off the wheel and axle. Grasp the sides of the end cap with a pair of pliers if you do not find a notch or the end cap is a button-type cap. Twist the end cap left to right with the pliers while pulling it away from the axle.

How do you take the wheels off a Cozy Coupe?

Removing the wheels can be a little tricky. The red plastic caps on the wheel studs house a metal holder slide a flat blade screw driver under the cap and start prying the cap off slowly and carefully as to not break the fragile plastic, you’ll have to go from one side of the cap to the other “wiggling” it off.

How do you remove a nut cap?

Pull the car into a safe and level location when your tire flattens. Put the pliers over one of the lug nut covers and press the handle together using your fingers or palm. Pull the pliers toward you to remove the caps. Move to another tire and remove the caps, repeat until all the covers are off all four tires.

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Can you remove Cozy Coupe eyes?

The wheels on a cozy coupe are difficult to remove, so I just left them on and bagged them off with plastic shopping bags and masking tape. I also did this for the eyes and steering wheel…you’ll need to carefully mask around the edges for this. Now, you’re ready to paint the main body of the car!

How do you get water out of a Cozy Coupe?

If you shake any outdoor plastic toys and hear water sloshing inside the plastic, select several spots one inch away from any seam on the bottom of the toy near the sound and drill small holes to drain out water.

How long does it take to put a Cozy coupe together?

It took me over an hour to put it all together I can’t even imagine how long it would take someone who wasn’t particularly good at this sort of stuff, so, the car itself is wonderful butthe assembly is just a bit crazy! 4.0 out of 5 stars Assembly is NUTS!

How long does it take to put together a Little Tikes car?

As for the amount time of putting the car toy together, it took my husband (grandpa) close to two hours. On the positive side, our little sweetheart is absolutely delighted with her new “wheels”. The car is well designed, strong and sturdy.

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