Quick Answer: How To Remove Metal Lock Rings?

How do you remove a metal ring clip?

How to Remove Internal Circlips

  1. Select a pair of internal circlip pliers and use the plier tips to grip the holes on the ends of the clip to be removed.
  2. Squeeze the plier handles to gently release the circlip from the groove then simply remove it from the shaft.

How do you remove a broken internal snap ring?

Old Trick – roll a rag up so it’s like a rope. Wrap rag around shaft with broken snap ring. Grab rag at the ends and put tension on it. Pull rag around shaft, it usually will get the snap ring started so you can get a screwdriver in to pry it out.

How do you remove a circlip without pliers?

Here are the steps:

  1. Take a pair of punches and make sure that they fit in the holes of your bike’s snap ring.
  2. Put the punches into the snap ring’s holes.
  3. Slide a dowel rod between the punches.
  4. Push the top parts of the punches together as you would when you use chopsticks.
  5. Open the snap ring up.

Why is it called a Jesus clip?

The term “Jesus clip” comes from the propensity of the clip’s spring action to launch the clip at a high velocity when removing or installing, leading to remarks such as, “Oh Jesus, where did it go?”

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How do you remove a retaining clip?

Pinch the middle of your E-clip with the tip of your needle-nose pliers. Hold the pliers securely so you can remove the clip. Needle-nose pliers work the best to easily remove the E-clips. However, you can use other types of pliers as well, like slip-joint pliers or locking pliers.

How do you remove a horseshoe clip?

First spread the ends with a screwdriver. Then push the clip as far off as it will go. If you have the ends spread far enough, there will be a little gap in between the middle of the clip and the pin. Stick a small screwdriver in there and turn it and pry it to get it off.

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