Quick Answer: How To Remove Metal Pin?

How do you remove a pull pin?

Insert the rod from the hinge end of the mold. After the lead is poured into the cavities, the pull pin should be removed immediately using a twisting motion. Failure to oil or smoke the pin before the first pour, or allowing the lead to cool in the mold will make withdrawal of the pin difficult.

How do you remove a spring pin from a shaft?

Under no circumstances should the diameter at the end of the punch that contacts the pin be any smaller than the diameter of the outermost coil of the Coiled Pin. Insert the punch into the hole and then carefully advance the punch with a hammer or press until the Coiled Pin exits the other side.

How do you remove the push pin on a Polaris RZR?

Just remove the middle pin with a small screw driver, pull it out, then pull the remaining piece out. Many people think they can remove the entire pin at once, all that does is break them, you need to get center pin out first.

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